Check our one of a kind bust for Sideshow’s C-3PO Human Cyborg Relations charity project!

Jul 18th 2023



Behold – SITH™-3PO! We are proud to announce we were asked to be part of Sideshow Human Cyborg Relations: The C-3PO Custom Bust Art Show. Each artist/studio in the project was given an unfinished life-sized C-3PO™ bust to finish in their own creative way!

SITH-3PO by Regal Robot – Crafted in our New York studios, Nina Bellord was lead artist in giving C-3PO a fiendish makeover as a Darth Maul™-inspired lord of the Sith! Aside from the obvious paint scheme changes, Threepio’s™ eyes were given a flame yellow and red Sith-like look, and “horns” were 3-D modeled by Sean Fields to be in the same style of the droids various antennae and greeblies.

These amazing busts are not for sale, but Sideshow is generously making a charitable donation for each bust that was made. We were honored to be among the artists asked to participate in this great project and are so excited to finally share this with fans! See more photos of ours and pictures of all of the other wonderfully creative entries on the Sideshow website today!




Star Wars decor by regal robot
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