Custom Star Wars™ Dewback Loveseat

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Part furniture, part sculpture, all Star Wars™.  This official Star Wars creation is one of the amazing furniture art pieces from our Regal Robot Custom Studio, where fans can request their very own custom designed Star Wars home furnishings and decor!  The Dewback Loveseat merges function and art, bringing together a bench style two-seat sofa with movie-style sculpting faithful to the Imperial beast of burden from the original Star Wars in 1977.

Seen and photographed by thousands of fans at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, it’s more than just furniture… it’s a functional, sculptural art piece!   The custom loveseat came with a patterned blanket, faux fur throw, pillows and cushions and even 2 cupholders within the faux rock theming.

At some point very early on in the creation of Regal Robot, when brainstorming ideas for a photo-op at our company’s debut booth at Star Wars Celebration, Richard Riley said, “We should turn a Dewback into a sofa.”  And just there, the idea was hatched!  In 1977, a classic promotional image of a Sandtrooper on a Dewback captured the imaginations of fans everywhere, including those of our company founder, Tom Spina and lead foam artist, Richard Riley.  That image would become the inspiration for this unique furniture art creation.  The nearly three foot long head is derived from a scan of production artifacts, originally sourced from the artist who created the beast for the film. The head was loosely milled in a rigid foam material for the general shape and scale, and then Richard hand detailed every scale and wrinkle, adding custom glass eyes to match the style used in the original film creature. The tail and rocks are all hand carved in rigid foam and, along with the head, hard coated for extreme durability.


custom Star Wars art and decor

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The ultimate in Star Wars living and one-on-one attention. We can create the Star Wars furniture & decor items you’ve always dreamed of for your home, fan cave, or workspace, or unique versions of our current creations, better suited to your needs, style or space. We accept commissions for custom Star Wars furniture and decor such as seating/chairs, tables, coffee tables, desks and storage items.

More than special order, it’s the difference between buying a print and owning an artist’s original painting, made just for you and your needs.

Due to the time involved in custom creations, we can only take a limited number of these projects each year.  Submit your custom request by filling out the form below to begin the conversation and learn what we can make for you!

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