C-3PO™ Arm Magnet


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THE SEPARATION COLLECTION!  This Star Wars™ creation is the third in our new line of our deluxe sculptural magnets. Check out the others in this fun series!

This magnetic mini sculpture is inspired by C-3PO’s arm from Star Wars: A New Hope™, based on the scene where the Tusken Raiders™ attack Luke Skywalker™, Threepio and R2-D2™, leaving the protocol droid’s arm in the sand. Spoiler alert – don’t worry, Luke later fixed it in Obi-Wan Kenobi™’s hut!

The follow up to our Wampa™ Arm Magnet, and Luke Skywalker Hand Magnet, this new series captures great moments from the classic films we love. There are more magnets in the works and in one of the images in the product gallery, you’ll find hints at what you’ll be seeing next in this fun new series!

Designed, prototyped and produced in the USA, each magnet is cast in solid resin and hand painted by our artists in our New York studio with distinctive faux finishes. They ship ready to display.

Add this great new magnet to your collection, home, office, man-cave or fridge!

Get discounted shipping when you order more than one of our deluxe magnets! See the rest of the collection on our Star Wars Decor page! 

US shipping is $6 for the first magnet set, $2 each additional. Please contact us for a quote for shipping to United States territories. At this time, Star Wars products may only be shipped to addresses within the US and US Territories.

We have a limited supply in-stock and we expect orders to ship in several business days.

See Threepio's arm from A New Hope

Design Story

Our Elements Series features crafted sculptures that are classically styled. Each piece in this art series will have a hand-finished premium “element” to create a look that evokes the subject. That look could include treatments that look like metal, stone, natural elements like bone or even combinations.

Our See-Threepio arm magnet was sculpted by Regal Robot artist Gordon Tarpley and inspired by the Star Wars: A New Hope™ scene where the Tusken Raiders™ attack our heroes and their droids in the Jundland Wastes™!  Each piece is hand finished by our artists in New York with an bright gold look and hand distressing.

Each magnet in this series is designed, prototyped and produced in the USA. They’re cast in solid resin and hand painted with distinctive faux finishes. A strong neodymium magnet lets it hang wherever you display your magnets.

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Approximate Product Measurements:

Height  – 4 3/4″

Width  – 2 1/4″

Depth – 3/4″

Materials – Solid Polyurethane Resin

Package Size:

Box Approximate Measurements:

Height – 2″

Width – 4″

Depth – 4″

Approximate Product Weight: 2.25 oz


Delivery & Other Details

Star Wars products may only ship to addresses within the US and US Territories.

Made in the USA

Each magnet is hand painted and the antiquing/staining may vary from piece to piece.

Accessories shown in lifestyle images must be purchased separately.

Not a toy, not intended for children.

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