Rancor Gate Control Magnet Set


Our Rancor™ Gate Control Magnet Set is part of our “Parts of the Galaxy” line, inspired by the wonderful elements of the classic used-universe we all know and love. This special set includes a magnet styled after the control panel from the rancor pit at the palace of Jabba the Hutt™ and a second magnet based on the skull used by Luke Skywalker™ to cleverly defeat the beast in its lair.

The control magnet is approximately 3″ tall and was digitally sculpted based on a digital scan of the original film prop. Both the panel and scaled skull magnets in this highly detailed set are finished with layers of hand paint and distressing.  Each is made and hand-finished by the FX artists in our New York studio. They ship ready to display with strong neodymium magnets that will make this set a great addition to your collection, home, office, man-cave or fridge! 

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US shipping is $6 for the first magnet set, $2 each additional. Please contact us before ordering for a quote for shipping to military bases outside of the continental US, Puerto Rico or Guam . This item will incur additional shipping cost to those locations.  

We are only permitted to ship Star Wars products to addresses within the US, US military bases, Puerto Rico and Guam.

We have a limited supply in-stock and we expect orders to ship in several business days.

Rancor door switch and skull that Luke Skywalker used in Return of the Jedi

Design Story

“Parts of the Galaxy” is our series of realistically hand painted, prop-inspired magnets. This magnet joins our R2-D2™ Holoprojector Magnet, Droid Restraining Bolt and The Mandalorian™’s Grav Charge. (each sold separately)

This magnet set brings a great bit of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™ to your home in a fun new way.

Digital work on this project was done by Sean Fields here at Regal Robot, who worked with a 3D scan of the original prop to create the scaled control panel magnet, and digitally sculpted the skull. The highly detailed magnet set is made in our New York studio and finished with layers of hand paint and distressing capturing that “used universe” look that Star Wars is so famous for.

The solid-cast resin pieces are a great compliment to the other magnets in our Star Wars art, sculpture & decor section!

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Approximate Product Measurements:

Gate Control Panel Magnet – 3″ x 2″ x .75″

Skull Magnet – 1″ x 1.25″ x .75″

Materials – Solid Polyurethane Resin, neodymium magnets

Package Size:

Box Approximate Measurements:

Height – 3″

Width – 3″

Depth – 3″

Approximate Product Weight: 3.25 oz


Delivery & Other Details

We are only permitted to ship Star Wars products to addresses within the US, US military bases, Puerto Rico and Guam.

Made in the USA

Each magnet is hand painted and the antiquing/staining may vary from piece to piece.

Accessories shown in lifestyle images must be purchased separately.

This decorative item does not function or light up.

Not a toy, not intended for children.

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