Rogue One: A Star Wars Story™-Inspired Furniture & Decor

This incredible set of custom furniture and decor came via a custom request from a woman who was redesigning the living room in her family’s home. The project began with a commission to create some concepts, and that process started with a long phone chat, bouncing ideas around with our company founder, Tom Spina. We learned about her space, the functional needs for the room and her favorite Star Wars™ movies, characters and scenes.  Her family loves Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and a variety of concepts were sketched up and she chose to create a pair of side tables, two giant custom wall relief sculptures and a storage bench right out of the Star Wars galaxy!


A pair of giant, hand-carved, six-foot long light side/dark side sculpted wall plaques frame the ends of the room. On the light-side, we have a Jedha™ fallen statue plaque, inspired by the giant stone statue seen in the film half-buried in the sand and mountains. This sand and stone look plaque is the feature wall in a calming meditation area.

On the dark side, Darth Vader’s ominous visage overlooks his castle on Mustafar™ as seen in the film. This hand-made, one of a kind relief sculpture is made from dense foam, hard coated and finished to look like dark volcanic rock.


Below the Darth Vader plaque sits a Death Star™ inspired storage bench. Designed to look similar to the storage boxes carried by the Death Star scanning crew and seen throughout the space station and the galaxy, this 60″ long box features a wood frame, cast resin surface and a padded top that opens to allow it to be used as seating or storage.


Chunky faux stone side tables were crafted to frame a big comfy sofa. While not inspired by any particular prop from the films, these tables capture the feel of the Star Wars galaxy with hoses and greeblies and lots of hand staining and weathering. The Rebel Starbird and Imperial cog are engraved into the cracked faux stone, reflecting both sides of the epic galactic struggle in one living room!

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fallen jedi statue from Rogue One A Star Wars Story

Our One-of-a-Kind Custom Decor – An Unprecedented Opportunity for Star Wars Fans

The ultimate in Star Wars living and one-on-one attention. We can create the Star Wars furniture & decor items you’ve always dreamed of for your home, fan cave, or workspace, or unique versions of our current creations, better suited to your needs, style or space. We accept commissions for custom Star Wars furniture and decor such as seating/chairs, tables, coffee tables, desks and storage items.

More than special order, it’s the difference between buying a print and owning an artist’s original painting, made just for you and your needs.

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