Cantina Living Room Furniture Set Concept

At the Regal Robot Custom Studio, we like to find new ways to bring the things people love into their homes! Here we’ve designed a series including a sofa, chairs, coffee table and side tables inspired by that wretched hive of scum and villainy, the Mos Eisley Cantina!

While the image shown is just a rendering, these inspired-by Star Wars™ furniture items are examples of the sort of highly themed pieces we can create as official Lucasfilm products. Here we’ve taken elements like the benches and tables from the famed cantina scene, tweaked the proportions an interpreted them as functional items that could easily find a home in someone’s living room, office or fan cave!

UPDATE for 2019 – we actually expanded on this concept and built some amazing cantina-themed home decor for a client… want to see more?

custom Star Wars art and decor

Our One-of-a-Kind Service – An Unprecedented Opportunity for Star Wars Fans

The ultimate in Star Wars living and one-on-one attention. We can create the Star Wars furniture & decor items you’ve always dreamed of for your home, fan cave, or workspace, or unique versions of our current creations, better suited to your needs, style or space. We accept commissions for custom Star Wars furniture and decor such as seating/chairs, tables, coffee tables, desks and storage items.

More than special order, it’s the difference between buying a print and owning an artist’s original painting, made just for you and your needs.

Due to the time involved in custom creations, we can only take a limited number of these projects each year.  Submit your custom request by filling out the form below to begin the conversation and learn what we can make for you!

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