Massive 7-foot-tall Mythosaur Skull Wall Decor

Originally sculpted for the Star Wars™ Celebration LIVE! stage set at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim,  the skull shown here is a giant, hand-carved sculpture made at our New York studio. Measuring over 7 feet tall, this Mythosaur-inspired skull is based on the same interpretation of the mythical beast from our 18″ Wall Decor, 11″ Wall Plaque and 4.5″ Mini-Sculpture decor pieces. More than just an enlargement, this unique work of art was hand-crafted from a giant block of rigid foam by sculptor Patrick Louie. Pat’s been a fixture at our studio for over a decade and he spent several weeks carving to create the forms and layering in additional passes of detail. While hardcoating the piece, additional texture and detail was added in preparation for paint and staining. Once painted, the piece was heavily aged with layers of color to sink into recesses and pop the details.

The final result is a towering 84″+ tall and approximately 72″ from horn-to-horn. A bit big for the average living room, but it’s a great example of the custom work our studio can do, and the truly unique artistry of our team!

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