Custom 1:1 Chewbacca™ Statue with Bowcaster

This new custom 1:1 Chewbacca™ statue showcases our ability to create unique life sized characters based on your favorite Star Wars™ aliens, beasts or droids. More than made-to-order, these are custom made works of character art created by our studio for specific clients, tailored to their requests and style.

This 7′ 6″ tall Chewbacca statue is similar to others we’ve created before, but as part of our custom process and at our client’s request, we added detailed hands, a realistic and highly detailed Wookiee™ bowcaster and even an alternate head choice!  This full size figure of Chewie is a towering presence, made to accurately recreate the character’s incredible height. Our team of FX artists developed the life-sized Star Wars figure with access to an original production-made face and teeth castings, along with hands-on examination of the original costume, mask and hair used in the original trilogy films.

The head is poseable, allowing for tilting left to right, leaning front to back and turning for the ultimate in that classic “Chewie” character!  The head was hand painted prior to hand-glued FX style hair, applied a little at a time, just like Stuart Freeborn did on the original movie masks.

This highly detailed life sized Wookiee figure and bowcaster replica are made from fiberglass and resin, and features silicone hands, custom acrylic prosthetic eyes and translucent resin teeth with a silicone tongue. The hand-built metal and leather bandolier and heavily distressed pouch complete the look of this 1:1 statue!

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Star Wars life sized statues by Regal Robot

Custom Star Wars™ Characters and Replicas by Regal Robot

Add character to your space! In addition to creating Star Wars furniture & decor items for fans’ homes, Lucasfilm and Regal Robot have teamed up to offer limited edition and even custom-made official Star Wars busts, statues and replicas. Use the form below to request a life sized statue or bust of your favorite alien, beast or droid, an inspired-by sculpture or a recreation of a maquette or puppet from the films! Bring the saga you love into your home, office or fan cave in ways you never knew were possible!

Due to the time involved in custom creations, we can only take a limited number of these projects each year.  Submit your custom request by filling out the form below to begin the conversation and learn what we can make for you!

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