Mythosaur Skull Mini Sculpture


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The classic Mythosaur skull and Mandalorian symbol inspired this skull mini sculpture. It’s a wonderfully realistic interpretation of the mysterious skull marking seen on the armor of iconic bounty hunter, Boba Fett. The mini skulls are an eye-catching piece of artwork sure to bring a bit of the Star Wars™ universe to any home or office, desk or shelf.  Each skull is made in the USA, hand painted, and comes ready to display in a gloss black box.

Order yours and add a bit of Star Wars™ decor and style to any office, fan cave or home today!

US shipping is $11 per skull. Please contact us before ordering for a quote for shipping to military bases outside of the continental US, Puerto Rico or Guam . This item will incur additional shipping cost to those locations.  

We are only permitted to ship Star Wars products to addresses within the US, US military bases, Puerto Rico and Guam.

IN STOCK and we expect orders to ship in several business days.

Boba Fett costume skull symbol, mythosaur skull from his armor

Design Story

Regal Robot™ is proud to present this MYTHOSAUR SKULL mini sculpture.  Alternatively referred to as a Bantha skull symbol or a Mythosaur skull symbol, the mysterious skull marking seen on the armor of iconic bounty hunter, Boba Fett, was our inspiration for this mini sculpture.  The classic Star Wars movies are filled with so many great details, any one of which can be the spark that ignites imagination and leads to great art that can bring the movies we love into our lives in new ways.

Embracing classic, the practical movie effects style work, the skull was originally sculpted in clay, by hand, by special effects artist Miyo Nakamura.  The sculpture was then hand molded for duplication in resin.  Our Mandalorian Skull mini sculptures are made in the U.S.A.  Each is pressure cast in polyurethane resin and hand painted in a realistic bone look with a pass of antiquing aging and staining, for the classic “lived in look” that Star Wars is so well known for.

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Skull Product Info

Approximate Skull Product Measurements:

Height – 4.5″

Width – 3.5″

Depth – 1.75″

Approximate product weight: 3 ounces

Approximate Box Size: 5″ x 5″ x 3.5″

Approximate Shipping Size

Shipping Box Size (may vary):  7″ x 7″ x 7″

Approximate shipping weight: 14 ounces


Delivery & Other Details

Star Wars products may only ship to addresses within the US and US Territories.

Made in the USA

Accessories shown in lifestyle images must be purchased separately. Skull and Stand sold separately.

Not a toy, not intended for children.

Each sculpture is hand painted and the antiquing/staining may vary from piece to piece.

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