1:1 Tauntaun™ Busts – Customer Reviews and Pics!

Jan 22nd 2022


life-sized bust or statue of Luke Skywalker's tauntaun

Customer Reviews and Photos of our Life Sized Custom Character Studio Creation!

Fans who’ve commissioned one of our life-sized Tauntaun™ busts from our Custom Character Studio have sent us some wonderful pics and reviews. Each bust is an authentically crafted 1:1 recreation of the practical lifesize props used in the production of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™ at a giant 38″ tall and ships ready to hang on a wall.

We developed this piece with hands-on examination of several original prop 1:1 tauntaun heads, most particularly the large puppet used in both Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and then again in the palace of Jabba the Hutt™ in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™. Further, the face for our bust was originally sculpted side-by-side with a production casting for proper scaling and proportions.



Photo from customer Chris R showing his 1:1 Tauntaun bust and a friend! “Really exquisite work! Once again, Tom and the AMAZING team at Regal Robot have outdone themselves! I had no idea how much I would fall in love with it. Regal Robot’s attention to detail speaks for itself, yet they still manage to surprise me. This guy/gal walked right out of the movie – matted hair, snotty nose and all! This is no doubt an heirloom piece like all of Regal Robot’s productions.”
Tony E. says, “RR stuff just an entirely different league. Pics don’t do any of it justice. Walking into this room is overwhelming and surreal. The few who have seen it in person [they are] speechless really. And that says how great it all is. Love love him.”
Tony’s collection also includes our 1:1 Chewbacca bust (sold separately)!
Customer Mike C. says, “This is the definitive Taun Taun. I feel like I’m on Hoth when I’m at my desk now. Only thing that could remotely make it more realistic would be if it smelled lol”
John H. sent us this great shot of his tauntaun bust hanging high and proud!
Brian P. sent this great photo of his tauntaun bust hanging, “Thanks to Regal Robot! Looks amazing!”
Brian also sent us this shot just after unpacking his 1:1 tauntaun bust (seen with a friendly droid!)

Steven from Rogue 1:6  unboxed his tauntaun bust and reviews it in this great video!

Star Wars decor by regal robot
And remember, we have a whole range of Star Wars inspired decor, furniture, and replica busts and characters – so explore the site and see what else we may have to add character to your space!


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