NEW! Life Sized Tauntaun™ Busts!

Jan 29th 2021

life-sized bust or statue of Luke Skywalker's tauntaun

Our Latest Custom Character Studio Creation!

Regal Robot™ is proud to present our new life-sized Tauntaun™ bust from our Custom Character Studio. This NUMBERED EDTION is an authentically crafted 1:1 recreation of the practical lifesize props used in the production of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™. The new bust stands a giant 38″ tall and is made to hang on a wall.

Choose between the Standard version and the Deluxe version with hand-fabricated and distressed reins, along with realistic faux snow.

Each tauntaun bust is hand-produced by professional FX artists in our New York studio and they require hours of fabrication and hair work. Every element is hand-painted, hand-assembled and crafted with the utmost care. The busts are resin, fiberglass and rigid foam with details that include hand stained translucent resin teeth and tongue and giant-sized three dimensional sculpted eyes, for amazing depth and realism right down to the veins in the sclera.

We developed this piece with hands-on examination of several original prop 1:1 tauntaun heads, most particularly the large puppet used in both Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and then again in the palace of Jabba the Hutt™ in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™. Further, the face for our bust was originally sculpted side-by-side with a production casting for proper scaling and proportions.


Han Solo's life-sized tauntaun bust from ESB

Custom Empire Strikes Back 1:1 tauntaun busts by Regal Robot

Custom Empire Strikes Back 1:1 tauntaun bust by Regal Robot

life-sized bust or statue of Luke Skywalker's tauntaun

Star Wars decor by regal robot
And remember, we have a whole range of Star Wars inspired decor, furniture, and replica busts and characters – so explore the site and see what else we may have to add character to your space!


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