NEW! Custom Rogue One: A Star Wars Story™-Inspired Furniture & Decor

Mar 24th 2021

fallen jedi statue from Rogue One A Star Wars Story


This incredible set of custom furniture and decor came via a custom request from a woman who was redesigning the living room in her family’s home. The project began with a commission to create some concepts, and that process started with a long phone chat, bouncing ideas around with our company founder, Tom Spina. We learned about her space, the functional needs for the room and her favorite Star Wars™ movies, characters and scenes.  Her family loves Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and a variety of concepts were sketched up and she chose to create a pair of side tables, two giant custom wall relief sculptures and a storage bench right out of the Star Wars galaxy!

These are just a few of the images – Click here to see a full gallery of photos and details on the project page.

Thank you all for reading. Please follow us as @Regalrobot on social and if you have any questions, or want to request your own custom furniture or decor creation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!

concept art for Star Wars Rogue One style furniture
After chatting with our client, we dreamed up a number of concepts for her!
scanning crew box from Death Star and Darth Vader plaque
The six-foot-wide Vader on Mustafar wall relief sits above a five-foot-wide Star Wars themed storage bench
Jedha mountains fallen statue wall decor
Our client placed the Jedha relief sculpture on the focal wall of her meditation corner
Rogue One Darth Vader mustafar castle lava rocks
Richard Riley stands with the six foot long hand-carved wall decor he crafted.
Custom foam theme-park style tables and art
As over-the-top as the theming in our creations was, it works wonderfully in our client’s home!

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