VIDEO – A Conversation with Ken Ralston – Weequay™ Sculptor

Sep 21st 2022

Tom chats with Oscar-winning VFX Supervisor, Ken Ralston!

In the videos below, our company founder, Tom Spina chats with multi-Oscar award winning Visual Effects Supervisor, Ken Ralston about his time on Star Wars, at ILM, in the creature shop designing monsters, and more!

The top video is focused on the Weequay™ concept maquette he sculpted for the creature shop during the production of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™

The second video is a longer part of the conversation, covering more of Ken’s time on that film and the rest of his work at ILM on the Star Wars™ original trilogy.

We hope you enjoy the videos and you can learn more about our upcoming Weequay concept maquette replica, which includes a Ken Ralston signature edition on the Weequay Maquette Prop Replica product page.

Reserve yours starting September 27th – in the meantime, JOIN OUR EMAIL NEWSLETTER and so you don’t miss out on this or any of our other upcoming new Star Wars creations!

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