Comic Con Announcements! New Custom Star Wars Creations, Busts & Statues

Feb 9th 2019

Star Wars life sized statues by Regal Robot

Regal Robot announces new Star Wars™ creations at San Diego Comic Con, including our new Custom Character Studio!

Lucasfilm and Regal Robot have teamed up to offer some amazing furniture, art and decor over the last few years and at San Diego Comic Con today, Regal Robot™ founder, Tom Spina made some major announcements about the future of our Star Wars line!

Speaking on the Lucasfilm collectibles panel, Tom shared images of new products for our home decor line, and announced our all new CUSTOM CHARACTER STUDIO, where we’ll be offering custom and even one of a kind life sized character statues, busts, and prop replicas of maquettes and puppets used in the productions of the films we love.  This new section will debut in early 2019.

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Below are a few of the photos Tom shared at the convention. Here’s your first sneak peek at some of these amazing new creations!  Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you’d like to discuss a custom furniture, decor or sculpture piece for your home or office!

Han Solo in Carbonite wall art
Our new scaled Han Solo™ in Carbonite Wall Art will debut soon!
Space Slug Exogorth gift
Our Space Slug Desk Set gives you a great place to put your pencil and was sourced from a scan of the original prop!
Regal Robot Star Wars sculpture and prop replicas
A few of the new types of creations we’ll be offering in 2019!
life sized Chewbacca from Star Wars
Our first life-sized bust will be the mighty Chewbacca!
Phil Tippett Tauntaun statue
Working with masters from the original molds, we’re recreating the Tauntaun maquette from the production of The Empire Strikes Back!
Star Wars alien and droids statues and replicas
We find endless inspiration in the creatures, droids and characters of the Star Wars universe! Let us create a custom character for you!
star wars movie maquette sculptures
Likewise, there are some amazing maquettes and puppets we can look to for inspiration for future replicas or custom work!

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