New Dinosaur Themed Furniture and Decor!

Jun 13th 2018

t-rex foot sculpture waste basket prop

We blend sculpture and decor with new dinosaur themed furniture and art!

Our artists have spent years creating dinosaurs (and more!) for theme parks and trade shows.  We love exploring ways to bring sculpture into people’s homes and we’re now offering these amazing dinosaur themed pieces as functional decor for your home, office, man cave, fan cave, bar, tavern or cavern!

Today we’ve added three new entries to the More Decor section of our online shop. All are from our Custom Studio, where we create made-to-order sculpture, furniture and decor. Our T-Rex Fossilized Footprint Wall Art will let you bring some dino-decor to your home with this incredibly unique sculptural piece! Made to look like a realistic Tyrannosaurus dinosaur footprint fossilized in stone, this recreation is actually a hand carved sculpture by theme prop artist, Richard Riley.  Each piece is made entirely by hand, meaning each will vary slightly and making each a one of a kind!

t-rex footprint wall art sculpture
Each is hand carved and hand painted to be a one of a kind art piece!

Our Faux Dragon or Dinosaur Foot Waste Basket is another piece from Riley and will let you add some adventure to your man cave or office. This 100% faux taxidermy (no dinosaurs were harmed in the sculpting of this foot!) can function as a waste paper basket or (if you’d like to request customization) an umbrella or cane holder or even a planter. And because each is hand finished, you can request custom coloration to reflect either a dragon foot or a dinosaur look!

t-rex foot sculpture umbrella holder
No dragons or dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this decor!

Our custom studio is the ultimate in one-on-one attention. We can create the furniture & decor items you’ve always dreamed of for your home, fan cave, or workspace. In the below concept art, we’ve taken a recreated fossilized T-rex skull embedded in rock and envisioned it as an incredible custom desk! A marvelous blend of sculpture and function and ready to bring theme-park style to your home! You can learn more or request your own custom creation on the T-rex Fossil Desk page!

t-rex dinosaur themed furniture
Our t-rex themed desk concept gives a sense of adventure to any home or office!

So visit our MORE DECOR themed furniture designs page to check out all of these new dino-decor pieces and remember, our custom studio makes everything to order, so additional custom sizes and styles are always available! Contact us today with the details of what you’d like and let’s see what we can create for you!



t-rex footprint wall art sculpture
While it looks like heavy stone, this carved piece is considerably lighter!
t-rex foot sculpture waste basket prop
The foot of a Tyrannosaurus Rex as a custom sculpted waste basket
t-rex dinosaur themed furniture
This dinosaur fossil themed concept could be a desk or even a serving bar

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