New LOTH-CAT Magnet from Ahsoka!

Aug 23rd 2023

Ahsoka Disney+ Series Loth-cat Sabine


On the new Lucasfilm series, Ahsoka, now available on Disney+, fans are getting their first look at a live-action version of the classic Rebels™ creature, the Loth-cat!

Taking inspiration from the life-sized prop puppets made for the movie, this great new magnetic mini-sculpture is now available. These resin magnets are made and hand finished in our New York studios here in the U.S.A. and they’re available now! Order today on our official Star Wars™ Decor Page and be sure to check out all of our other offerings from the Mando-verse!

Ahsoka Disney+ Series Loth-cat Sabine
Our Loth-cat magnet was inspired by the live-action puppet from Star Wars: Ahsoka™

Ahsoka Disney+ Series Loth-cat Sabine
Add this new Star Wars creature to your collection and shop our whole series of magnetic mini-sculptures (each sold separately)

Star Wars decor by regal robot
And remember, we have a whole range of Star Wars inspired decor, furniture, and replica busts and characters, so after you’ve taken advantage of these offers, explore the site and see what else we may have to add character to your space!


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