Customer Photo Gallery November – Star Wars Mandalorian Decor!

Jan 9th 2022

November Gallery – Star Wars™ Mandalorian Themed Decor Photos Shared by our Customers!

We love seeing our creations in the homes of our clients and friends… and with The Mandalorian debuting on Disney+ this week, we thought it was the perfect time to share! Below you’ll find a selection of great photos sent to us by customers with their Regal Robot art and decor proudly on display and in their collections. Thank you all for sharing!

Star Wars fans can find most of the items below available in our online store’s Official Star Wars Furniture, Art and Decor page.

If you’ve picked up some of our pieces and want to share, you can email us directly,  or post photos on social media and let us know by tagging us at @RegalRobot on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! From time to time, we’ll share those pics on social and in galleries here.

Empire Strikes Back Home Office Studio Wall Art Plaque
Repost from @danimator25 on Instagram – “From @regalrobot, the 1:2 scale Hansicle, cast from digital scans of the original prop.”
Star Wars Bounty Hunter Armor Empire Strikes Back Studio Wall Art
from Tk_42fun on Instagram – “The wall of Fett continues to grow. Wonder if you can tell who my favorite character is?”
Return of the Jedi Mandalorian Mythosaur Art Decor
From @coronafour “🐝 side… such a great skull by @regalrobot”
Star Wars Return of the Jedi Mythosaur Mini Skull Sculpture Desk Shelf Garden
Emailed to us by customer Cliff N. One of our Mando skulls in his zen garden
Mythosaur Skeleton from Star Wars Return of the Jedi Home Office Studio Art
from Toyark’s review/photo page:
we also included a couple shots of the Regal Robot Mandalorian Skull prop which works awesome in conjunction with 1/12 figures as a base or adjacent decoration on the shelves.
Mini Mythosaur Sculpture Based on Iconic Bounty Hunter Armor
Messaged to us by Clownbaby1234 on Twitter
Return of the Jedi Boba Fett Armor Mythosaur Skull Sculpture
1_groovy_kat on instagram –
☠scum & villany☠
Star Wars Mythosaur Skull Plaque Wall Art and Han Solo in Carbonite Wall Art for Home Office Studio or Work.
From customer Ken B – “More Regal Robot! Love it. Keep them coming !”

Thanks to everyone who’s shared our geek inspired art & decor, and Star Wars™ creations! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for more like this and thanks for reading!

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