Spotlight – The Mandalorian’s “Grav Charge” Magnet

Apr 18th 2020
magnetic bombs from the Mandalorian

Our latest magnet was inspired by the Star Wars™ Disney+ series, The Mandalorian and our team began development of this piece shortly after the show debuted, but funny enough, we didn’t always know what they were called!

We loved all the great gear and Mandalorian tech throughout the series, but the detonators Mando used to break through walls, take out downed AT-STs or just get folks’ attention grabbed us right away. Din Djarin™ almost always wears three on his belt and the way they stuck to the metal plate on his belt, various walls and surfaces made us think, this might be just the thing for the next piece in our series of magnets!

With first-hand study of original production props, we designed our new magnet to be cast in solid resin with faux metal paint and a non-lighted translucent red lens. At 2 inches in diameter, the magnet is the same size as show prop that inspired it. A strong neodymium magnet allows it to hang on certain types of metal and the underside features a printed label with 2D art mimicking the detailing seen on the original prop.

replica magnetic bombs from the Mandalorian

Mando's magnetic bombs from the Mandalorian

But once we developed this new piece, then came the question – what do we call it? Internally, we’d been using the terms Mando’s bombs or Mando’s detonators but clearly there had to be a proper name. It took a bit of investigation and Lucasfilm confirmed: the official name of this detonator is, “The Mandalorian’s Grav Charges.”

We absolutely love that sort of detective work here at Regal Robot, and we are thrilled to be able to utilize the proper name for this bombastic (and magnetic!) item.

The Mandalorian's detonators are called Grav Charges
Did you know the detonators Mando uses are called Grav Charges?

So there’s a little “did you know?” tidbit for the day! Thank you for reading and we hope you’ll continue to follow along with our new creations here and on social media, where you can find us as @RegalRobot. We hope you’ve enjoyed this spotlight on our new magnet and you can use the link below to order one, three or more for yourself! They’re made in the U.S.A. and come ready to display. Add The Mandalorian’s Grav Charge to your collection, home, office, man-cave or fridge!


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