Mar 16th 2022

R2-D2 holoprojector as a collectible magnet


Today we’re debuting two new collectible magnets! Full galleries for each can be found on our Star Wars Art & Decor page, where you can see our whole collection and order them both right now.

Luke Skywalker’s Hand from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™ is the second in our Separation Collection. Drawing inspiration from one of the most iconic scenes in the saga, this new magnet is the follow up to our Wampa Arm Magnet, which also captures a great moment (as long as you’re not a wampa) from the classic films we love. There are more magnets in the works for this series, and in one of the images below you’ll find a hint at what is coming soon!

Next is our R2-D2 Holoprojector Magnet! A part of our newly-named Parts of the Galaxy Collection, which features realistically hand-painted, prop-inspired magnets. As the followup to our Restraining Bolt Magnet and Mandalorian Grav Charge Magnet, this is another great magnet inspired by the bits and parts of that classic used-universe we all know and love. The Holoprojector magnet is a (non-functional) slightly scaled version of the projector seen on many Astromech droid units and it’s painted specifically to match the style seen on R2-D2 in Star Wars: A New Hope.

Both new items are IN-STOCK and ship right away, so order today!

These new creations are cast and hand-painted and made by the artists in our New York studio. We have so much in the works for this year and beyond, so please join our email newsletter to be the first to hear about all of our upcoming new Star Wars creations!

Visit our Star Wars™ decor page or click the images below to see these great new items and order yours!

Star Wars magnet from The Empire Strikes Back Luke hand scene

Wampa cave cut off arm magnet from Empire Strikes Back
Our SEPARATION COLLECTION continues with new magnets coming soon – can you guess which is next?

R2-D2 holoprojector as a collectible magnet
“Parts of the Galaxy” puts a name our series of realistically hand painted, prop-inspired magnets. Our R2-D2™ Holoprojector Magnet joins our Droid Restraining Bolt and The Mandalorian’s Grav Charge shown here (each sold separately)




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