New Vac-tastic Plastic Wall Decor Masks by Retro-a-go-go!

Nov 17th 2017

ben cooper mask vacuform wall decor

Regal Robot is excited to offer the full line of Ben Cooper-style Ghoulsville Vac-tastic Plastic Horror Wall Decor masks!

Calling all vintage monster fans! Get ready to shriek with pure joy! When adulthood ails you, the new and original Ghoulsville Horror Wall Decor masks from Retroagogo! is the cure. Designed in the USA, each Vac-Tastic Plastic mask wall decor is thoughtfully inspired by warm memories of costumes, characters and playsuits of the 60’s-70’s found at the local Five & Dime Stores!  Now bearing the Ben Cooper name, these instantly call to mind the classic costumes so many of us wore into the early 80’s.


Ben Cooper vacuform mask as wall art
Vactastic-Plastic, inspired by Ben Cooper and blown up to monstrous proportions!


  With three series and  over 20 styles to choose from, there’s the right monster or alien for everyone!  These giant-sized vacuform pieces capture the style and feel of those old masks, with groovy paint jobs and classic monster styling.  They’re larger than life and ready to hang on the walls of your home, office, shop, man cave or fan cave!  They’re amazing Halloween decorations, and the perfect bit of classic kitsch for monster kids who happen to like a bit of monstrous decor all year round!


devil head Ben Cooper style mask as wall decor
You can see just how big the Vactastic series vintage mask wall art pieces are!
 Our MORE DECOR themed furniture and art shop page has now been updated with this wild and fun line up of creeps, astro-zombies, aliens, wolf-men, vampires, devils and more! For too many years, there hasn’t been enough cool Halloween décor created specifically for us monster lovers. Product Developer and artist Doug P’gosh, set out to change exactly that — and he has!  The whole series of Vac-tastic Plastic Ghoulsville wall décor masks has blown up to gigantic and monstrous proportions. Each fantastic mask towers just under 2 feet tall.


retroagogo Halloween wall decor masks
Just a few of the amazing vacuform wall decor masks in the Ghoulsville line!

They’re created in the same spirit and material used for the much-loved vintage masks and decor we all loved as kids and each collector’s edition box is an homage to the original boxes and packaging of yesteryear, right down to the clear plastic window showing your ghoul within! Whether you add them to the walls of your home, office, retail location, monster man cave or fan cave… or keep them “mint in box” and proudly displayed, nothing else that can match the creep-tastic awesomeness of Vac-Tastic Plastic wall hanging masks!  Order yours today!

Spaceman halloween costume alien
These vintage inspired Halloween masks are enlarged to Horrific proportions!

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