Cantina Chairs Customer Video Review!

Aug 26th 2022


A long-time customer of ours recently picked up a pair of our Star Wars™ cantina inspired chairs for his amazing collection room. He shared the video and photos below.

Now you too can add unique, cantina-style seating to your home, office or fan-cave! Proudly made-in-the-U.S.A., these beautiful new chairs feature high-quality construction and that classic look from one of the most memorable scenes in Star Wars™ history!

Using behind the scenes photos from the film as reference, we interpreted the classic Mos Eisley™ Cantina seating in a crisp and truly functional way. The chairs are scaled to work in a modern-day home or office with added padding for firm supportive comfort. . They’re upholstered in a brown-toned, textured fabric that evokes the look of the original prop chairs seen in the film. These sleek mid-century armless style chairs have a thoroughly authentic feel and will make your space feel like something right out of the movies (and hopefully not just a wretched hive of scum and villainy!)

See the video below, and check out all of our special edition Star Wars furniture pieces or VISIT THE CANTINA CHAIR PRODUCT PAGE ORDER YOURS TODAY!

Thanks for watching!

star wars cantina chairs for living room
Customer Eben M. sent us these great pics of his cantina chairs!
cantina chairs with Emperor throne desk chair
Customer Eben M. sent us these great pics of his cantina chairs with his Emperor Throne Armchair we made him (sold separately)

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