Regal Robot’s Star Wars Celebration Exclusives and Updates!

May 20th 2022

Regal Robot booth at Star Wars celebration

Regal Robot™ is coming to Star Wars™ Celebration 2022 – Learn about the exclusives and reveals coming at the show!

UPDATED – 5-18-22 – We’ve added the final new exclusive reveal today! This post now has all of the exclusives we’ll have at the show and will let you know which will also be available online for fans who can’t make it to Anaheim.

Star Wars Celebration is May 26th-29th.  Come visit us in Anaheim at Booth 2518 for your chance to grab our Star Wars Celebration exclusive creations and take a first-look at our upcoming Star Wars™ Archive Collection. Our company founder, Tom Spina, will also be a guest on a number of panels throughout the show.

Our exclusives this year will include one all-new magnet set, a new wood-art plaque, a fun new desk accessory sculpture and the a signature edition of the first maquette replica in our new Archive Collection. See below for details and pics for all of our show exclusives!



The latest in our line of wood art plaques. Using the same vintage artwork reference as we used for our Blue Harvest director chairs, the iconic logo is (for any fans not already in-the-know) based on the code-name for Return of the Jedi, meant to keep press and fans at bay while they shot on location. The art features some subtle distressing for a classic look and is made in the U.S.A.. These will be available at our SW Celebration booth (2518) in-person for a show-special price of just $20 while supplies last. They’ll also be available on our website only during the days of the show (5/26-5/29) for $24.99


This exclusive is the newest magnetic mini-sculpture in our Separation Collection – Walrusman aka Ponda Baba famously had his hand type changed during production. This two-pack is the only way to get the alternate “hoof” version of Ponda Baba’s hand, seen early in the scene when he shoves Luke, and in the cut-scenes before they added the werewolf-style hand for the final closeups.  They’re solid resin, made and hand painted by the FX artists in our NY studio. These will be available at our SW Celebration booth (2518) in-person for a show-special price of $39 while supplies last.  They’ll also be available on our website for a limited time, only during the days of the show (5/26-5/29) for $49


Our Wise Monkey-Lizards Desk Accessory combines ancient wisdom and fan-favorite Star Wars™ creatures. We drew inspiration from the classic “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” sculpture, often colloquially called the “Wise Monkeys Sculpture.” In place of the simians, our desktop piece features three impish Kowakian monkey-lizards. The solid resin sculpture is 5.75″ long and 3.5″ tall and ships in a printed black shelf box.  Each weighs a little under one pound and has a realistic faux bronze and hand patina treatment. They’re made and hand-painted by the FX artists in our New York studio. These will be available at our SW Celebration booth (2518) in-person for a show-special price of $99 while supplies last.  They’ll also be available on our website for a limited time, only during the days of the show (5/26-5/29) for $119.


Available exclusively in-person at Star Wars Celebration and limited to just 83 pieces, our Max Rebo Concept Maquette Replica – Signature Edition was developed with hands-on access to the original maquette. Using high-resolution 3D scanning, we’ve recreated this artifact from the production of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™.  The plaques are signed by the original sculptor of the fan-favorite character, special effects legend, Phil Tippett.  Priced at $449, each maquette in this extremely limited edition has been made in the U.S.A. and hand-painted by the FX artists in our NY studio.  You can learn more about this maquette on this news entry.

We have so much planned for this show and we’re excited to share with all our friends in Anaheim! We hope to see you there! Follow us as @Regalrobot on social media as we’ll be updating live from the show with our new product reveals!

And remember JOINING OUR EMAIL NEWSLETTER is the best way not to miss out on these or any of our other upcoming new Star Wars creations!


star wars celebration regal robot booth exclusives
Here’s the final list of the exclusives we’ll be offering and what we’ll be revealing at the show!
Star Wars man cave decor - wood art plaques
Our Blue Harvest wall plaque is only available for a few days, get yours before they’re gone!
Walrusman arm with SE-14 blaster pistol and hoof hand
Walrusman Arms Magnet Set! Available only during the days of Star Wars Celebration
faux bronze Star Wars statues of Salacious Crumb
Our new sculpture Wise Monkey Lizards desk sculpture will only be available for a few days!
Max Rebo concept maquette replica from Return of the Jedi
The first maquette in our Archive Collection is this signature edition Max Rebo, available in-person and Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim


Tom Spina and Kirk Thatcher Star Wars Celebration panels
Click above to see Tom’s full schedule of panels at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim



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