Expanded Star Wars™ Furniture, Art & Decor Pages!

Mar 1st 2018

Star Wars furniture by Regal Robot

We’ve Expanded our Star Wars™ Furniture, Art & Decor Pages!

As we’ve expanded our Star Wars furniture and decor line, we’ve also expanded our website. When you visit www.RegalRobot.com/starwars, you’ll now see 3 categories to choose from:

Art & Decor – We’ve teamed up with Lucasfilm to offer classic, authentic Star Wars sculpture, art & decor. These may be wall art pieces, useful home items or unique sculptures. We have a lot more in the works and note that we don’t just sell these items, we take a lot of pride in making them. Let Regal Robot bring our unique brand of Star Wars style to your home, office, or any space you’d like!

Boba Fett bantha skull symbol sculpture being paintedStar Wars themed decor, sculpture and art by Regal Robot

resin Star Wars mini sculpture of Boba Fett's skull logo
Our Mythosaur or Mandalorian skull sculptures can be found in this section!


Official Star Wars™ Furniture – Our standard furniture offerings, some made-to-order, including our range of director’s chairs and new print-to-order cafe tables. Choose your style and bring what you love into your home, office or fan cave with official Star Wars furniture!

star wars tables imperial and rebel symbols
Choose your style with Star Wars furniture by Regal Robot
director's chair replacement seat and chairbacks
Check out our Star Wars logo director chairs too!



Regal Robot’s Star Wars Custom Studio – Bring the movies you love into your home, office or fan cave in ways you’d never knew were possible! It’s the ultimate in personalized Star Wars creations featuring custom special order pieces and even one of a kind official Star Wars furniture, art and decor.

In our updated custom studio, you’ll find  our range of existing premium special editions, like the Han Solo Carbonite Desk and the Millennium Falcon™ Asteroid Coffee Table, as well as a newly added section of ready to create concepts you can request. If that’s not unique enough, you can use the form at the bottom of the page (link to #form) request something completely new, made just for you.

Also added is a new section showcasing recent custom studio creations made especially for private clients who’ve commissioned us to create something just for them. Check it out today!

custom han solo carbonite desk and coffee table
Check out the custom Star Wars furniture, art and decor by Regal Robot
star wars millennium falcon coffee table
The Millennium Falcon™ speeds through the asteroids of one of our amazing coffee tables
 So visit www.regalrobot.com/starwars and explore our new pages! We hope you enjoy what you see! Thanks for reading!

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