Customer Photo Gallery December – Star Wars Furniture and Decor!

Jan 9th 2022

December Gallery – Star Wars™ Decor Photos Shared by our Customers!

We love seeing our creations in the homes of our clients and friends… and we’ve gotten so many that we needed to share! Below you’ll find a selection of great photos by customers with their Regal Robot art, furniture and decor proudly on display and in their collections. Thank you all for sharing!

Star Wars fans can find most of the items below available in our online store’s Official Star Wars Furniture, Art and Decor page.

If you’ve picked up some of our pieces and want to share, you can email us directly,  or post photos on social media and let us know by tagging us at @RegalRobot on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! From time to time, we’ll share those pics on social and in galleries here.

Iconic construction of Death Star Home Studio Office Furnishing Decor
From azvader on Instagram:
“Happy Monday! Received this awesome Star Wars ROTJ Deathstar cafe table last week from Regal Robot. It’s beautiful! Just needs some imperial coffee!”
Star Wars Tauntaun statue with autograph
Fom customer J. De Castro, who sent this picture of our Tauntaun Maquette Replica – Phil Tippett Signature Edition
tauntaun stop motion puppet replica
Fom customer J. De Castro, who got a great low number on his Tauntaun Maquette Replica – Phil Tippett Signature Edition
Return of the Jedi Game or Gaming Chair based on original Star Wars Movie be a Sith Lord
from Bepied on instagram who got two CUSTOM emperor thrones in all black… sharp! “Add character to your space! Absolutely love my Emperor Chairs by @regalrobot”
Fanthatracks team at the studio during our video for them. “Watch both parts of our exclusive interview with Tom over on our YouTube channel
Wall art decor for the home, office, studio or cave. Hanging artwork hand painted from Return of the Jedi.
from Star Wars Replicas – “Finally got the lights installed on the lightsaber display! Looks like I have to buy a duster lol “
Based on Return of the Jedi Mythosaur hand painted artwork for home office, desk, or shelf display.
From Woodrow Hull on Twitter “One of my coolest acquisitions is from @RegalRobot they have lots of awesome Fett related stuff”
Mythosaur Legendary Bounty Hunter Empire Strikes Back Home Office Studio Decor
From customer Ed S, “super cool!”

Thanks to everyone who’s shared our geek inspired art & decor, and Star Wars™ creations! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for more like this and thanks for reading!

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