Customer Photo Gallery November – Star Wars Furniture and Decor!

Nov 27th 2018

November Gallery – Star Wars™ Decor Photos Shared by our Customers!

We love seeing our creations in the homes of our clients and friends… and we’ve gotten so many that we needed to share! Below you’ll find a selection of great photos by customers with their Regal Robot art, furniture and decor proudly on display and in their collections. Thank you all for sharing!

Star Wars fans can find most of the items below available in our online store’s Official Star Wars Furniture, Art and Decor page.

If you’ve picked up some of our pieces and want to share, you can email us directly,  or post photos on social media and let us know by tagging us at @RegalRobot on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! From time to time, we’ll share those pics on social and in galleries here.

Star Wars table
From Greedo737 on instagram – “Thank you @regalrobot!! Awesome job!!”
the mandalorian skull in solid pewter
From @atito10 on Instagram “Amazing piece! #mythousarskull #bobafett #mandalorian #regalrobot #StarWars”‬
Millennium Falcon inspired table
From Savanna at, “I like to pull up a bar stool, grab a cold glass of blue milk, and read my favorite book while chilling at my new table.”
boba fett kill stripes and mythosaur skull artwork
From Savanna at, “What happens when you put Star Wars and home decor together? You get Regal Robot! I love their new Holochess table and Star Wars directors chairs.”
The Mandalorian skull, large size
From on Instagram – “love my brand new star wars bantha skull i picked up in hermosa beach…boba fett is watching…thanks to “regal robot” for this wonderful art #regalrobot #banthaskull #bobafett #starwarscollector#starwarsprops”
mythosaur skull mini sculpture for sale
From @rickperez502 on Instagram “One more, it’s just too awesome #mandalorian #mandalorianskull #bobafett #jangofett #skull #starwars #sunset #mythosaur”


Thanks to everyone who’s shared our geek inspired art & decor, and Star Wars™ creations! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for more like this and thanks for reading!



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