The “Lost” Holochess Creatures

Apr 21st 2021

Scrimp™ & Bulbous™, the “lost” Holochess pieces from our upcoming, limited Prop Replica Signature set!

We’re excited to share another sneak peek at our amazing prop replicas that will be available on May the 4th and also tell the tale of Scrimp and Bulbous, the famed “lost” Dejarik™ pieces that were recently rediscovered and brought back to life for use in Solo: A Star Wars Story™.

Original Star Wars™ animator and creature creature, Phil Tippett, notes, “We had made 10 characters… George [Lucas] started placing them and then there just wasn’t room for two of the characters, and so those got cut from the movie.”

Animator Jon Berg preps the original 10 creatures for filming.

Phil continued, “I made one, Jon [Berg] made one… I made the red guy, he made the green guy… and as kind of an appreciation for Dennis turning George onto us… we gave them to [him] as a thank you. When Ron Howard was doing his [film], we pitched to him the idea of bringing those characters back in. “

The original props survived to this day, and Phil’s team digitally scanned the puppets which had hand sculpted by he and fellow holochess animator Jon Berg. Our 1:1 replicas were prototyped using those same digital files used to bring Scrimp and Bulbous back to life for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Scrimp and Bulbous will be exclusively included with our DELUXE SIGNATURE EDITION 10 FIGURE SET – limited to just 77 numbered sets, with three signatures by the FX legends that brought the scene to life.

These amazing new replicas will be available to order starting May 4th, 2021 at 12pm EST. Offered with extended Payment Plans via

We’ll be sharing more photos and details about these incredible replicas in the coming weeks, with the final details and full galleries with pricing going live on April 27th, 2020. Please check back often and join our email newsletter for updates or follow @regalrobot on social media for more news!

Thank you all for reading. We look forward to making these replicas for collectors looking to bring something unique and authentic to their homes! If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!

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