Tusken Raider™ Signature Edition Spotlight Video

Sep 12th 2022

Highlights from our recent live-video from the studio where Tom showcases the details of our Tusken Raider™ Life-sized Bust!

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Today’s video is a highlight-reel from our recent Facebook live video. If you follow us on social, you’ve seen these videos from our studio office where we take live questions and share what we’re working on.

In this video, we gave out some great info our on new Tusken Raider™ life-sized prop replica bust signature edition. As part of our Star Wars™ Archive Collection, this was made with hands-on access to the original film mask and costume artifacts. With high resolution 3D scanning, our team crafted a faithful recreation of the original character from the film, capturing the wonderful asymmetry throughout.

This special signature edition of just 150 pieces includes a plaque hand-signed by performer Alan Fernandes, an elephant trainer who portrayed a Tusken Raider in the Bantha™ sequence of Star Wars: A New Hope™.

Learn more in the video below, and visit the product page to RESERVE YOURS NOW and get all of the details and photos today!

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