NOW AVAILABLE! Tusken Raider™ Life-Sized Bust Signature Edition!

Aug 30th 2022

New Pics and Info about our Tusken Raider™ Life-sized Bust!

NOW AVAILABLE – Reserve your Archive Collection bust today!

Our new Tusken Raider™ life-sized prop replica bust signature edition is part of our Star Wars™ Archive Collection, a continuation and expansion of our work creating authentic replicas with impeccable lineage.  With hands-on access to the original film mask and costume artifacts and high resolution 3D scanning, our team crafted a faithful recreation of the original character from the film, capturing the wonderful asymmetry throughout.

Priced at $2999 each bust in this special signature edition of just 150 pieces includes a plaque hand-signed by performer Alan Fernandes, an elephant trainer who portrayed a Tusken Raider in the Bantha™ sequence of Star Wars: A New Hope™.

Visit the product page to ORDER YOURS NOW and get all of the details and photos today!

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