Video – Adam Savage Visits Regal Robot Studio

Nov 28th 2017

Adam Savage Mythbusters Tested Video

VIDEO – Adam Savage visits the Regal Robot studio with!

Famed Mythbuster and master prop making movie fan, Adam Savage, stopped by the Regal Robot studio in New York with the crew from, to take a peek behind the scenes at how our team creates our Star Wars™ themed furniture, art and decor. Our company founder, Tom Spina, took Adam up close and personal with our Millennium Falcon Asteroid Coffee Table, our Han Solo Carbonite Desk and Mandalorian Skull collection (all available on our Star Wars furniture, art and decor product page).

At Tested, Adam often visits FX studios and maker’s spaces around the world.  We were honored to have him at our studio where he marveled at the detail in our work and talked shop with Tom about materials, mold style and the passion our team has for creating Star Wars decor.  You’ll find the video below, and a gallery of pictures from his visit at the bottom of the page.


Watch Adam Savage talk with our company founder, Tom Spina, about our Millennium Falcon Asteroid Coffee Table, the Han Solo In Carbonite Desk and our line of Mandalorian Skulls.


Millennium Falcon Asteroid Table behind the scenes
Tom’s known Adam for a while, and it’s always a pleasure having him by the studio!
Mandalorian Skull and Adam Savage
Tom and Adam discuss the finer points of Banthas, Mythosaurs and Mandalorians.
Tom Spina and Adam Savage with Han Carbonite Desk
Tom and Adam share a geek-out moment discussing the Han Solo in Carbonite Desk

Adam Savage Millennium Falcon ModelAdam geeks out about the master for our Millennium Falcon (part of our asteroid coffee table).

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