New Interviews and Podcasts!

Mar 6th 2018

New Interviews and Podcasts with Regal Robot Founder, Tom Spina!

Today we’re sharing lots of new interviews and podcasts with Regal Robot founder, Tom Spina. Learn about Tom’s history creating and restoring monsters, masks, props and costumes… and of course, the latest from Regal Robot!

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Tom Spina interview with Savanna Kiefer
Savanna and Brian were wonderful hosts on this episode of the Dorky Diva Show

Savanna Kiefer and Brian Ballance had Tom as a guest on the Dorky Diva Show, and went into some of Tom’s past work, the very cool stuff his team does at Tom Spina Designs and, of course, Regal Robot’s newest creations!

Tom Spina Emperor Throne by Regal Robot
Full of Sith with Bryan Young, Holly Frey and The Mike Pilot is always a fun show!

Tom was thrilled to be back on Full of Sith with friends Bryan Young, Tha Mike Pilot and Holly Frey. They geeked out for a long chat about all sorts of Star Wars goodness.  Check it out here:

Tom Spina interview Regular Joes Podcast
The Regular Joes came by the studio to record

The Regular Joes podcast hosts are actually local, so they were lucky enough to visit our studio in New York to record with Tom for a lengthy chat. Listen here:

Interesting Podcast with Tom Spina
An interesting time was had by all on the Interesting Podcast with Brian Ballance!

And last but not least, be sure to check out The Interesting Podcast with Brian Ballance. Tom and Brian hadn’t met before, but you’d never know it. If you like nerdy, fun banter, we think you’ll get a kick out of this one!

Thanks for reading and we sure hope you enjoy listening!



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